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Panizza, Silvia
Institutions: University of East Anglia and Anglia Ruskin University. Email addresses:; Brief profile: My research includes various aspects of moral philosophy. My doctoral thesis revolved around the idea of attention in ethics, conceived as a set of epistemic attitudes that may lead to moral knowledge, based on Iris Murdoch's thought. Hence my interests are in meta ethics (moral realism and moral knowledge) and in moral psychology (the role of mental states, attitudes and emotions such as love in moral understanding). I am also working on applying some of these ideas to animal ethics.

Peonidis, Filimon
Member of the Steering Committee of the ESMP. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Pirc, Gašper
Institution: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts. Email address: Brief profile: Gašper Pirc is a Slovenian philosopher. He was educated at University of Ljubljana and Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. He graduated in philosophy and comparative literature at University of Ljubljana in 2012. Since that year he is enrolled in PhD studies at University of Ljubljana (thesis: "Perspectives of hermeneutics in the philosophy of law and normative ethics"). Areas of interest: ethics, 19th and 20th century philosophy (esp. Kantian and phenomenological tradition), philosophy of law, political philosophy, philosophy of language.

Premoli De Marchi, Paola
Member of the Steering Committee of the ESMP. University of Padova, Italy.



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