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Abramovich, Nicolaï
Institution: Paris-Sorbonne University. Email address: Website: Brief Profile: My fields of research are ethics and political philosophy. I'm currently finishing my PhD. dissertation. It seeks for an answer to overcome the tension between the fact of pluralism and the liberal quest for political universalism. It studies the way that the asymmetry between good and evil and the priority of negative entities over positive entities might be used as an epistemic and a normative justification for political liberalism. It seems a stronger justification than the rawlsian and the communitarian approaches.

Allodi, Leonardo
Member of the Steering Committee of the ESMP. University of Bologna, Italy.

Arrigo, Giacomo Maria
Institution: Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy. Email address: Website: Brief profile: Giacomo Maria Arrigo is post-doc researcher at Fondazione Filippo Burzio, Turin (Italy), with a project on Edmund Burke's moral philosophy. He is about to defend his doctoral thesis (joint PhD programme at KU Leuven, Belgium, and the University of Calabria, Italy) on the religious-philosophical category of revolutionary Gnosticism. Moreover, he is Teaching assistant for the courses "History of Moral Doctrines" and "Philosophy of History" at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, in Milan.



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