ESMP 2 2018

  • Interview to Josef Seifert (English) by Elisa Grimi: 

First Things, 23/10/2018

In Italian:


  • Interview to Piotr Mazurkiewicz by Elisa Grimi: 

  • Interview to Ryszard Antoni Legutko by Elisa Grimi: 

La Verità, 18/10/2018

  • The ESMP. Chantal Delsol 

  • The ESMP. Manfred Spieker. 

  • Interview to Juan Manuel Burgos by Damiano Bondi: 

Avvenire, 16/10/2018

Qui il pdf Agorà.

  • Also at Radio Rai: 

ESMP 1 2016: