Following the many fruits of the First Conference of the ESMP (ESMP 1 2016), in this second conference we have decided to devote more attention to young researchers. Accordingly, they will present their talks in the middle of the conference in sessions moderated by the invited speakers, expert professors, and members of the ESMP. In a sense, these sessions will compose the real centre of the entire conference by creating debates and discovering together new avenues of research.

We believe that this decision will enliven the discussion between all participants and that it will create a real enrichment to the research of the ESMP. The ESMP in fact looks to the future through youth initiatives, bolstered upon the shoulders of tradition, under the direction of “giants” who have gained more expertise in the studies, and with a particular attention to the promotion of innovation.

Scholars, particularly rising scholars, are invited to participate in these sessions. Lasting 1.5 hours in length, each session will consist of three – 20 minute talks and will be moderated by one of the invited speakers who will coordinate the session and contribute to the final debate. Scholars will be expected to participate in the discussion of the other two talks at the common final debate. For this reason one month before the conference, scholars admitted to the sessions will have to share the draft of the talk to other participants of the same session – including the moderator – in such a way that they could prepare their reply.

Scholars interested in participating in the conference are invited to submit: an abstract, prepared for blind refereeing – no more than 1000 words –, and a separated file including name, surname, e-mail address, affiliation (if exists), and a brief biography indicating the current research project and main publications (one paragraph is enough) to:

Please write “ESMP_WARSAW2018” in the heading of the email.

Submission deadline: JULY 30TH, 2018.

Communication of acceptance: AUGUST 1TH, 2018.