Philosophical news, N. 24, 2022

 “Being Conformistically Tolerant? The New Era of the Contemporary Ethics”

edited by E. Grimi and N. Stradaioli

We all live in an increasingly complex world that has found itself fragile in the face of, for example, the global pandemic. A world that has been unsettled by the eruption of phenomena such as “cancel culture” and a kind of “good” and “acceptable” conformity that consists of passively adapting to a certain language. A world in which the never-fading issue of human dignity in prisons has resurfaced again and again. 

Hence the idea of devoting a volume to the problem of social adjustment increasingly pursued by citizens, which follows a kind of trendy conformism. The result is a reflection aimed at asking: what does it mean to be free today? What does it mean to be respectful of others and their dignity? What does it mean to be tolerant?


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