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We strongly believe that only through dialogue between scholars of different perspectives and traditions, knowledge could be enlarged. For this reason next to Philosophical News, the official publication of ESMP which includes essays, we decided to dedicate a special space to host uniquely book reviews and chronicles of recent philosophical events. In this perspective is born Philosophical News. Reviews & Chronicles, published only electronically, available free on this website. Texts appear continually online.

We do not accept unsolicited reviews or proposals to review. All material appearing in Ph.News_R&C is reproduced with the permission of the contributing author.Ph.News_R&C retains the copyrights of all the texts published. Any material appearing in Ph.News_R&C may be copied for educational use without the official authorization of Ph.News_R&C.

Editor-in-Chief: Elisa Grimi. Review Editors: Marco Damonte (Reviews) and Stefania Zanardi (Chronicles). Editorial assistants: Brian Lapsa, Christopher Owens, Stefano Santasilia, Joshua Stuchlik.


Please read CAREFULLY the guidelines below before submitting your text.

  • Reviews should fall within the range of 1500-2500 words. Reviewers who think a book requires longer or shorter treatment should check with the editors. in this case reviewers are invited to write asking for more information to the Review Editor before submitting the text. 
  • If a you are writing a book review. Please begin the review with a bibliographical entry for the book that follows the following format: author (or editor), title, publisher, city and date, number of pages, ISBN. Example: Rémi Brague, Europe La Voie romane, Criterion, Paris 1998, 189pp., ISBN 2070408779. 
  • If you are writing a chronicle of a philosophical event. Please begin the review including all informations concerning the event: title, subtitle (specific information of the event, if exist), space – time. Example: “What is Good? Contemporary Debates on Moral Philosophy”, ESMP 1. Centro Studi Fondazione Campostrini – 26-29 October 2016. 
  • For easier readability online, we strongly suggest avoiding paragraphs that are longer than half a single-spaced page. 
  • Please do not underline or use bold font. Use italics (other than for book and journal titles) sparingly. 
  • Please put long quotations in «» [not in “…”]. If you quote short expressions, one or few words, put them in “…”. 
  • Please put all notes at the end of the text. 
  • How to quote books and articles in the notes. Book (example): R. Brague, Europe La Voie romane, Criterion, Paris 1998. Article in a book (example): R. Brague, “Le monde moral”, in N.-L. Cordero (ed.), Ontologie et dialogue. Hommage à P. Aubenque, Vrin, Paris 2000, p. 189-196. Article in a journal (example): R. Brague, “Necessity of the Good”, in «First Things», 250, February, 2015, p. 47-52. 
  • Please submit the review as an email attachment, in .doc(x) file or .odt(x) file. File in other forms  are not accepted. 


In agreeing to publish a text in Ph.News_R&CPh.News_R&C retains the copyright to the text. The reviewers gives to the right to thepublication of that text. The reviewer could re-publish that text only after the official authorization of the Ph.News_R&C.

After the submission the text cannot be submitted to other journals. The reviewer must wait for the result of the evaluation process, which requires a maximum of three months.

Please be sure to proofread your review carefully before submitting it. Due to the high number number of reviews we must process and our quick turnover time, we are not able to let you revise your review after your original submission.


Reviews. Books reviews accepted will be immediately published online. Responsible for this section; Review Editor, Marco Damonte.

Please send your text to:; CC:

E-mail subject: “PHNEWS_REVIEW”.

Please nominate the file: “review_[(your)name_surname]”

Chronicles. The chronicles accepted will be immediately published online. Responsible for this section; Review Editor, Stefania Zanardi.

Please send your text to:; CC:

E-mail subject: “PHNEWS_CHRONICLE”.

Please name the file: “chronicle_[(your)name_surname]”

Publishers may send review copies to:

Marco Damonte

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