If you wish to participate to the TABULA GRATULATORIA in honor of Prof. Dr. Rémi Brague, which will be included in the digital journal (“Nuovo Giornale di Filosofia della Religione” on University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” journals platform – DESP) as well as in the book (Stamen Press), please buy in advance one or more copies of the book. Your name&surname (and other references as you wish) will appear as Contributor.

Remember to send as confirmation your payment receipt and your address of expedition to: elisa.grimi@gmail.com.

PRICE (one copy): 20,00 euro.

+ EXPEDITION COSTS (the same for one or two copies):

Italy: 0,00 euro.

Europe. 10,00 euro.

Other countries: 15,00 euro.

BANK TRANSFER TO: European Society for Moral Philosophy

REASON FOR PAYMENT: Festschrift Rémi Brague

IBAN: IT82E0623001658000043921881


We accept also payments through PAYPAL: moralphilosophy.eu@gmail.com